About Us

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Pine Ridge Pharmacy is here to deliver local service at affordable prices. Located in Pine Ridge, South Carolina, Pine Ridge Pharmacy is a neighbor that cares. Why make a special trip when you can get service where you live? You need special care and we have it. Transfer your prescriptions now. WE CAN DELIVER your prescriptions to you.

Join Our Team

Jerry McBride

Jerry McBride, RPh., Pharmacist In-Charge

Jerry graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2018 and has been with Pine Ridge Pharmacy since 2019. He enjoys working for an independent pharmacy and building relationships with customers. Jerry is married and has a son. In his free time, he likes going to the gym, working outside, and going out on the lake in the summer.

Lynn Kimbrell

Lynn Kimbrell, RPh.

Lynn graduated from the University of South Carolina. She’s worked in pharmacy for 44 years and has been with Pine Ridge since 2018. When she’s not at work, Lynn likes to spend time with her dog and dig in her backyard.

Caroline Hall

Caroline Hall, Pharmacy Technician

Caroline has been with Pine Ridge since 2021 as a pharmacy technician. She enjoys getting to know our customers and community. In her free time, Caroline spends time with her family and dog.

Almeta Boatwright

Almeta Boatwright, Pharmacy Technician/Clerk

Almeta has been with Pine Ridge since 2017 as a pharmacy clerk and technician. When she’s not working, she enjoys camping with her family and playing with her grandkids.